Nutrition Pharma FDF Business Services

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient portfolio consists of active ingredients, intermediates and specialty chemicals. An API is the pharmacologically active part of a finished medicinal product whereas intermediates and specialty chemicals are in general materials which are used in chemical synthesis. We have become a primary contact and advisor for a large number of customers when searching for bulk raw materials in an early phase of development.

A new milestone for Selectchemie and our partner Lebsa. We have entered into a strategic partnership with our partner from Spain Lebsa, for the development of niche API’s. CCUREAPI is a brand that stands for security, reliability and experience. Our first product VENETOCLAX is open for inquiries now ! Please visit our website:

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Excipients are inactive but functional ingredients used when processing API’s into finished medicinal products. Also, Selectchemie offers a broad selection of ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Our industrially experienced specialists can provide professional support in terms of selection, formulation and processing. As a formulator you are most welcome to contact us for confidential advice for your formulation projects for which we can usually provide some helpful literature as well as sample material for evaluation and trials.

Food Ingredients

Our products are processed in almost all types of foods. Our broad portfolio offers innovative solutions for beverages, confectionery, dairy, bakery, fruit preparations, savoury snacks, ready meals and meat analogues.

Health Ingredients

Our range of health ingredients is used for various indications.Our health ingredients portfolio is supported with the full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements: a complete “toolbox” for smart concepts. We gladly advise you how to combine our different ingredients in order to make nutritional claims or health claims for your supplement.

Commercial Support

We provide full commercial support: global sourcing, logistics and warehousing, finance and IT. In living our company’s values, our experienced and enthusiastic employees guarantee best possible overall performance in relation to the raw material supply chain to the best advantage of all parties involved. Selectchemie successfully links experience and knowledge internally by uniting sales personnel and pharmacists, chemists and food scientists for the realization of your projects.

Application Lab

Our food scientists provide you with extensive support during your product development. In our own application lab we evaluate different ingredients for you, we provide you with basic recipes and results from preliminary test and we produce product prototypes in the following application areas: bakery, desserts, fruit preparations, fillings and spreads, dairy, soy, cereal and fruit beverages, sauces and dressings, soups confectionery.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Chemical Regulation Services

Selectchemie offers tailor-made Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a variety of substances and mixtures which conform to the European Regulations (REACH, CLP). Our REACH Services for APIs and intermediates also include (pre-)registration services. Our many years of experience and services made us a partner recommended by the Swiss Authority for Chemicals control and the expert software provider.

Scientific Support / Regulatory Affairs

Selectchemie provides you with scientific support covering regulatory affairs as well as networking in regard to dossiers, licences and patents. We are committed to respect your intellectual property. Furthermore, due to our extensive network, we are often in a position to create new business contacts for you.

Supply Chain Management

The path from idea to market success requires, next to commitment and resources, an efficient management of interfaces between all the parties involved along the supply chain. From the idea to the market – Selectchemie creates more value in the supply chain; from dossier development through strategic sourcing and regulatory affairs to marketing and supply.

Product Development

Changing market needs, technological progress or changes in regulations and standards require constant modification and innovation in order to adapt to the new business environment. We can provide you with tailor-made support to develop and market new products and move your business forward by fulfilling our function as knowledge hub, linking know-how on the latest molecules, market development and regulatory requirements for your success.

Dossier Projects

We are continuously advancing the development and registration of dossiers as well as establishing our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in the global market.

For a complete list of our registration dossiers available for submission or in development, see here.

Project Management

Project management is more than just administration; it is essential for an efficient, focused and successful project execution.

Market Evaluation

In an ever changing environment with technological innovations and dynamic markets, continuous evaluation of new markets is a key factor for sustainable success.