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We develop and manufacture our products after the careful selection and qualification of our partners. Product quality, supply chain stability and sustainability are of key importance to us. 

A full list of our dossiers available for in-licensing or in development can be found below.  

Dossier list

MoleculeOriginator brandIndicationStrengthsAdministrationFormMain sector¹Type of dossierDossier availabilityData protection²Expected launch³
CaspofunginCancidas® by MerckAntifungal, systemic50 mg, 70 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDAvailableExpiredCommercial
AnidulafunginEcalta® by PfizerAntifungal, systemic100 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDAvailableExpiredCommercial
MicafunginMycamine® by AstellasAntifungal, systemic50 mg, 100 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDAvailableExpiredCommercial
TigecyclinTygacil® by PfizerAntibacterial, systemic50 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDAvailableExpiredCommercial / 03.2026 (FDF)
RivaroxabanXarelto® by BayerAnticoagulant2.5 mg, 10 mg,
15 mg, 20 mg
OralFilm-coated tabletsRetailEU-CTDAvailableExpired04.2024 / 01.2026
TicagrelorBrilique® by AstraZenecaAnticoagulant60 mg, 90 mgOralFilm-coated tabletsRetailEU-CTDAvailableExpired06.2025 (PE⁴)
Tafamidis MeglumineVyndaqel® by PfizerAmyloidosis20 mgOralSoft-gel capsulesMixedEU-CTDQ3’2023Expired11.2026
TafamidisVyndaquel® by PfizerAmyloidosis61 mgOralSoft-gel capsulesMixedEU-CTDQ1’202402.20232031
MacitentanOpsumit® by ActelionPulmonary hypertension10 mgOralFilm-coated tabletsMixedEU-CTDQ4’203012.202312.2026
IsavuconazoleCresemba® by BasileaAntimycotic100 mgOralHard capsulesHospitalEU-CTDQ3’202510.20252026
IsavuconazoleCresemba® by BasileaAntimycotic200 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDQ1’202510.20252026
CarfilzomibKyprolis® by AmgenMultiple mye- loma10 mg, 30 mg, 60 mgParenteralPowder for solution for infusionHospitalEU-CTDQ3’202511.202508.2030
OsimertinibTagrisso® by AstraZenecaNon-small cell lung cancer40 mg, 80 mgOralFilm-coated tabletsMixedEU-CTDQ1’202602.202407.2032
BaricitinibOlumiant® by Eli LillyRheumatoid arthritis2 mg, 4 mgOralFilm-coated tabletsMixedEU-CTDQ4’202602.202502.2032


¹ Main sector is based on average IMS sales distribution by SU in Europe.

² Data protection expiry in Europe (EU)

³ Expected launch date applies for market entry of generic products in major European countries. Please check specific patent situation in any particular country of interest.

⁴ Paediatric extension granted.

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Disclaimer: None of the products will be offered for sale or supply to countries in which they were affected by valid and effective patents in force.


Igor Petrovic

Head Portfolio & Out-Licensing FDF

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