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Excipients are inactive but functional ingredients used when processing APIs into finished medicinal products, each serving a specific purpose (e.g. binder, disintegrant or pH adjustment) for the proper performance of the dosage form.

Our product portfolio

We offer a broad portfolio of excipients, covering all dosage forms including tablet, capsule, syrup, granules, spray, injection, infusion, inhaler, ointment, gel, suppository and others.


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Lubricants/glidants: improve the flow and tableting process – Filler/diluents: increase volume, making tablets manageable – Coatings: protect from moisture, pleasant taste, control dissolution – Disintegrants: make tablets disintegrate (faster) – Binders: “glue” the different tablet components together – Solubilizers: improve drug solubility to be effective


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Preservatives: prevent microbial growth and maintain product integrity during storage – Antioxidants: protect the formulation from oxidative degradation – Humectants: maintain humidity in the preparation and prevent drying – Gelling agents: help to provide the desired viscosity and stability – Emulsifiers: stabilize the emulsion and ensure uniform distribution


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Buffering agents: maintain the pH of the formulation – Solubilizing agents: improve the solubility of poorly soluble APIs – Stabilizers: protect API from degradation or oxidation – Antioxidants: protect the API from oxidative degradation – Surfactants: reduce the surface tension between the formulation and the container – Solvents: solubilize API

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Silvia Radel

Silvia Radel

Sales & BD Director Pharma Excipients

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