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About Selectchemie

Selectchemie is an independent Swiss company serving the pharmaceutical and human nutrition industries since 1969 as a premier supplier of high quality ingredients. Today, 75 experienced professionals with commercial and scientific background work at the company headquarters in Zurich. Worldwide, more than 130 Selectchemie employees provide customers and principals with solutions tailored to their needs. Preferably, we act as an exclusive distributor of leading manufacturers of raw material from all over the world. But Selectchemie is not a trader, we provide our customers with support all along the value chain, ranging from scientific over commercial to regulatory support.

Our Mission

Selectchemie AG offers services to ensure the complete long-term provision of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries in all the countries in which we operate.

We work with selected business partners to ensure reasonable profits for all parties concerned. To promote ourselves as an attractive partner we offer comprehensive technical, scientific, regulatory and commercial services concerning the products we sell.

Our Vision

We contribute to a high quality health system that is affordable for all. We aim to be the preferred partner for our customers, suppliers, authorities, employees and shareholders.


products for nutrition, pharma and FDF


experienced professionals


CHF 138 million turnover Selectchemie Zurich in 2021


offices worldwide
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years of experience

I see Selectchemie as an innovation partner – not just as a service provider, which is why we attach so much importance to industry expertise. This combination of industry knowledge and practical experience results in a customer partnership that creates real added value.

Silvia Radel
BU Head Excipients Pharma Europe

Our Values

Quality is where our standards come from


  • We truly take care of our company.
  • We keep our word and act in accordance with made agreements.
  • We support company decisions and work actively to reach set targets.
  • Frankness, honesty and positive thinking are at the base of our acting.
  • We accept quality standards for products and services and comply with law and order.

Concentration on our business partners

  • We do want to build up a trustworthy relationship with our business partners and are working on long-term partnerships.
  • We control the status of satisfaction of customers and suppliers on a regular basis.
  • We react immediately to changing minds and orientation of our business partners.
  • We take care of our business partners in an efficient and proactive manner.

Principles of communication and conflict management

  • Our statements are true and correct.
  • We attach importance to confidence.
  • We inform people at the right and proper moment.
  • We listen actively to our partners.
  • We speak openly about conflicts and search for acceptable solutions for all parties involved. We accept constructive criticism.

Leadership with defined targets

  • Leadership includes having defined, feasible and transparent targets.
  • Employer and employee set measurable, realistic and by both parties accepted targets.
  • We check on a regular basis if the set targets have been achieved and work on new targets or take corrective actions.
  • We support our employees to enable them to reach the set targets.
  • We give regular feedbacks to our employees about their performance on targets and conduct.

Responsibility and freedom of action

  • Our instructions to the employees have to be defended and feasible.
  • We grant them as much freedom as possible in their daily work.
  • We are obliged to strengthen the confidence of our employees by delegating competence and responsibility.
  • We bear confidence in the knowhow and fulfilment of the tasks of our employees.
  • We support actively the development of our employees.


  • We are pursuing a climate of personnel respect, confidence and cordial frankness.
  • We are open for new ideas and are working together to achieve them.
  • Persons concerned have to take part in the decision-making.
  • Tasks, which are effecting various departments, will be approached and worked out in project teams.
  • We support each other in difficult and delicate situations.
  • We approve each other’s successes and celebrate them with the supporting teams.